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Archive for April 2018

Pastor Chris’ Message: Rejoicing Angels

Mercy and Grace Ministries hit a milestone last weekend! God did 21 services through us at five different prisons! Whewww, God is moving and His hand is upon us!!! Thank you sooo much for all of your prayers and financial support.  We could not do it without you, so YOU are a part of everything…

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Guest Message: The Book of Life

It was Friday afternoon and we were visiting the men in Pelican Bay State Prison’s Special Housing Unit (SHU). I approached a cell with a young man in it and began to make small talk with him. He was only about 20 years old, and the conversation quickly turned to to the Bible. The Lord…

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Claiming the Yard for Christ

Greetings brother and Sisters, Resurrection Sunday was nothing short of an amazing day. The air crisp with excitement, as joy filled my heart. I walked onto B yard at Avenal State Prison outside of Coalinga, Ca, as the days normal church service was the Easter service on the yard. The men greeted me with excitement…

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