Our organization is governed by a Board of Directors elected by our membership. Our Board of Directors uses policy governance to envision the future and to ensure operations are aligned with our mission statement and meet the evolving needs of our constituency. Our board currently meets once a month. For more information please contact us at info@mercyandgrace.org

Chris Mullen

Pastor Chris Mullen,


Pastor Chris started the ministry and is the lead pastor and teacher for Mercy and Grace. God has gifted Chris with reaching the incarcerated as God rescued him from the same fate. Read Chris' story....Read More

Gary Freitas 2

Pastor Gary Freitas,

Vice President

I have known pastor Gary for almost twenty years.  He is my Accountability Partner and he speaks into my life regularly.  He has been one of the pastors at his church for many years.  He has a heart for the incarcerated and he is a FANTASTIC leader!  I'm EXCITED about what he is going to bring to the Board of Mercy and Grace Ministries!


Esperanza Gonzales

Pastor Hope Gonzales,

Events Coordinator

Pastor Hope is how most people refer to her and she is a Mercy and Grace Ministries volunteer and has been going into prisons with us for years.  Her heart for people that are incarcerated has touched my heart deeply.  She is going to be a HUGE blessing to the Board of Mercy and Grace Ministries!

Regine Serrano 2

Regine Serrano,


Regine Serrano was on the Board of Mercy and Grace Ministries as the Prayer Person.  I initially met her in a Prayer Line, over ten years ago.  She brings prayer, love and a heart for the incarcerated to the Board of Mercy and Grace Ministries.  She is going to be an AWESOME Treasurer!

Darnell Jynes

Darnell Jynes,

IT Coordinator

  I have known Darnell for around fifteen years and he was on the Mercy and Grace Ministries Board.  Darnell has gone with us into Adult and Youth Facilities.  He has a heart for the incarcerated and and is a major addition to the Board of Mercy and Grace Ministries!

San Mateo Juvenile

Melina Carbajal,

Youth Director

Melina leads the juvenile team for Mercy and Grace. She has served at the youth juvenile detention facility in San Mateo for years with a team that serves the young lady's at that facility.

therese freitas3

Therese Freitas,

Prayer Team Leader

I have known Therese Freitas for many years.  She has always treated me with love and kindness, which is what Mercy and Grace Ministries is known for.  I recently found out that Therese Freitas was the leader of the Prayer Team at her church.