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Fresno Strategic Growth Plan

Mercy and Grace Ministries provides church services to the church behind prison walls and juvenile facilities. We bring teaching, preaching and testimony to deliver hope, give encouragement, and reveal the love of Christ for transformational change.

Fresno is a strategic region that is centrally located and will serve 9 state prisons within 1.5 hours. Mercy and Grace already serves 4 of these facilities.

The region will be the 1st regional launch outside the San Francisco Area and Mercy and Grace plans to use this as a blueprint for other regions. Our goals include the following:

  1. Build regional teams closer the facilities we serve.
  2. Build teaching and go team's for prison and juvenile facilities.
  3. Add programs that better serve the facilities outside of weekend church services.
  4. Provide educational resources for Chaplains to better serve the church.
  5. Create strategic partnerships to sustain ministry financially.


Fresno Region Map Current & Growth Prisons

Fresno Regional Map Growth

Fresno Region Opportunity

There are 9 State Prisons within an hour and a half of Fresno.  We are looking for volunteers to serve in these prisons. The following opportunities are available.


Prayer Team

Praise and Worship Team

If you are interested, your FIRST Step is to go to the Mercy and Grace 101 class. This class will give you everything you need to serve.