For Chaplains

For over 18 years, we have been faithfully and lovingly ministering to the lost and the saints who are imprisoned and detained in California. We specialize in presenting sermons during chapel services on a regular rotation, but also provide spiritual care to individuals or in small groups. In addition, we teach Bible studies and facilitate prayer groups. And we have others at Mercy and Grace who do not enter facilities but do write letters of Christian encouragement to those who are incarcerated.

Chapel Services

We provide Teaching, Preaching, Bible Studies, Pen Pals & other resources to support the Church behind prison walls. Our mission in this is....
-To “accurately handle the Word of Truth” (2 Timothy 2:15) as we preach, teach, pray and correspond.
-To be known for our love (John 13:35) as we minster to, interact with, pray over, and commune with those who have placed their faith in God and those God is calling to Him.



Mercy and Grace from time to time can provide needed resources for the church behind prison walls. These resources include Bibles, CD's, DVD's and other requested resources to help individuals grow in Christ.


Our volunteers and staff are vetted according to the standards of spiritual maturity and Godly character for being church deacons as described in 1 Timothy 3. We are very committed to thorough training and ongoing equipping.  The result is prison ministers who are equipped to high standards with excellent content and practical application.



S.E.E.D. Teaching

Mercy and Grace Ministries has developed curriculum surrounding spiritual growth and living out spiritual gifts. This curriculum is available to activate congregants to a deeper relationship with Christ and point them to being deployed in their gifting's.

The Love of Christ

Our emphasis is that of Jesus—to love others as ourselves and to strive to obey his “new commandment”—loving others as Jesus loved us, sacrificially and humbly, in truth and in compassion. The founder of Mercy and Grace has served time in juvenile detention, county jail, and state prison. So his heart, and the heart of the ministry, is for those still imprisoned.


Yard Events

Mercy and Grace is available for large yard events and events that go beyond the monthly chapel service. We have access to platform speakers, music industry teams, and resources to help put on large events behind the walls.

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